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1608 N. Greenfield Rd. Mesa, AZ 85205

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Our Award-winning groomers are the best in the valley.  We offer a large range of cuts and styles depending on the breed and what the customer wants.  Every visit to the spa (for a full grooming) routinely includes a warm shower, blow dry, brush out, ear cleaning, clipping the nails, and expressing anal glands.  Extra services are available upon the customer’s request.

Is your pet shedding and leaving hair all over the house?  Maybe a nice summer cut.

Grooming mesa,az

Even short hair breeds like Pugs, Labradors, and Shepherds can benefit from a buzz cut.  You will see the difference in the amount of hair you will find in the house and the pool.

Has your pet been scratching at dry itchy skin?  A hot oil treatment could be the answer!  Working with your pet’s natural oils helping to pull them up to the surface for up to 4 weeks!

grooming, mesa, az

Our experienced staff will work with you to find out exactly what your pampered pets' needs are.  They will also help teach you the best “at home” grooming techniques for your particular pet between grooming. 

We will also alert you if we find anything out of the ordinary such as an ear infection, bumps, ect.  This allows you to take precautionary steps such as scheduling a visit with your veterinarian before it could cause any major health problems.

Is your pet sensitive to regular shampoos and conditioners?  Choose from a variety of other shampoos like hypoallergenic or oatmeal.

Are ticks and other little pests leaving your pet up all night chewing and scratching themselves?  A flea shampoo and/or tick dip can help solve that problem.

Even after your pet’s nails are clipped, do you still hear “click click click” as your pet walks?  Nail filing/grinding could help put an end to that!  Nail grinding gets the nails shorter than regular clipping by smoothing and rounding them off.

We also groom cats!! If shedding is a problem, a buzz cut will do
the trick. If you're looking for just a good clean cat, a bath, blow-dry
and brush out is what you're after.

Grooming appointments can be made by calling

(480) 985-8512 

We suggest booking your appointment a week in advance.


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Grooming appointments can be made by calling

(480) 985-8512 

Grooming takes approximately
3 hours

There is a $10 fee for every Last Minute Cancellation (LMC)* and/or No Show.

*A LMC is a grooming appointment cancelled the same day.


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