4 Paws Pet Resort offers a safe and healthy play environment that enriches spirit, increases social skills and builds confidence with lots of exercise and stimulation. We provide a controlled and monitored environment, in which dogs can interact and play throughout the day. Convenient to the Phoenix Metro area and Mesa.




What Does Your Dog Do At Home All Day? We’ll Keep Him Occupied For You!

Wouldn’t it be great if you came home to a relaxed and tired pup after a long day? Lots of play with friends at 4 Paws Pet Resort will provide your dog with needed exercise and socialization during the day so that you can enjoy a relaxing night of cuddling with your pup when you arrive home.

Enrich your Dog’s Day

Whether it be a jump in our pool or chasing bubbles, your dog will have fun enjoying new experiences in our day care program.

Exercise Body & mind

Dogs are creatures of habit and allowing your pup to attend daycare on a regular basis, you create a happy, active, healthy and well-socialized dog.

Group-Appropriate Play

4 Paws separates dogs into play groups based on personality, activity level and size; group play is always supervised by a member of the 4 Paws staff. While participating in daycare we encourage appropriate play styles and basic obedience commands to help good behavior become a habit for your dog.

Relaxing Downtime

Dogs not only get to play a lot during daycare, but also enjoy downtime to rest and recover in their spacious indoor/outdoor dog runs throughout the day. This is a great time for your pet to enjoy treats brought from home or even one of 4 Paws’ delicious Pupsicles!

Not just for Social Pups

Does your dog prefer to play alone? No problem! At 4 Paws we can customize your daycare to include 1 on 1 play times with a staff member since we understand that socialization isn’t ideal for every dog!

Great for Senior Dogs

Day Care is great for older dogs as well as puppies! Regular exercise is still important for dogs as they get older and socialization can help keep your older dogs young at heart! 4 Paws' staff will make sure to cater the day care experience to your older dog as we understand dogs have different needs as they age.

Our Day Care Hours are:
Monday - Saturday, 7 A.M. to 6 P.M.

Prices includes 2 playtimes of your choice.
All playtimes are supervised by an expert playtime coordinator.

All Sizes .............. $ 17
Daycare Package (10 Days) ......... $ 150



Vaccination Requirements

Sorry, no home or breeder shots will be accepted.

Shot records are required before the check-­in date to verify that everything is correct and up to date.
NOTE: There is a $10 charge to retrieve the vaccination records from your veterinarian.

Dog vaccinations

  • ­Rabies
  • Distemper/Parvo*
  • ­Bordatella*

*If bordatella is given intra­nasal, it must be given AT LEAST 4 days prior to your pets stay!! Oral or injectable bordatella may be given any time.

*Puppies can be boarded following a 2-­week waiting period after their second Distemper/Parvo vaccination.

Pest Control

All animals are required to have a topical flea and tick preventative upon admittance. This is an added charge of $10.00 per pet. If you currently apply your own flea and tick preventative, we must have proof from your veterinarian and/or need to witness the application.

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